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Successful US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium: Expansion of cooperation planned to include seven countries

Online press conference
QuantumBasel brings together world-leading scientists with industry experts at the US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium.


Monday, 27 March 2023
7pm (CET)


In uptownBasel, 30 quantum technology luminaries ensured a full house and shared exciting insights at the first US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium, from March 27 to 28, 2023. The first day of the symposium saw a successful meeting of the research and industry communities. Together with its partners, QuantumBasel decided to establish the Quantum Symposium as an annual international conference, and plans to expand cooperation to seven countries, including the USA, Japan, Israel and the Netherlands.

“Quantum technology is one of the most powerful innovation drivers. Good international cooperation is of great interest to science and industry,” says Damir Bogdan, the host of the Quantum Symposium and CEO of uptownBasel Infinity. In collaboration with Prof. Daniel Loss of the University of Basel and Prof. David Awschalom of the University of Chicago, QuantumBasel brought together researchers from other prestigious institutions such as Princeton University, Harvard University, ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne to promote the progress of quantum technology along with industry representatives over two intense days. A total of around 300 Swiss and international guests participated in the symposium.

Research and industry pursue common objectives

The strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in this relevant technology was one of the most important goals of the event. Bringing research and industry together at this level is unique in this respect, and has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium. “Those of us involved in basic research and exponents from industry don’t always speak the same language, but we are all pursuing the same goals. Quantum computing is going to happen; there are really no alternatives, and it’ll help us greatly to deal with major challenges efficiently,” says Daniel Loss, Professor of Physics and Chair of the event.

Collaboration ensures a technological lead

Quantum science is considered to be a primary area of research in the USA and Switzerland. Both countries agreed to pursue joint research in the areas of quantum information science and technology to expand their existing scientific and technological lead as rapidly as possible at an international level. “Swiss researchers need this exchange with other scientists. The opportunity to discuss matters with colleagues in the USA and tackle projects together was, as far as I’m concerned, one of the main motivating factors for the Quantum Symposium,” explains Prof. Loss.

The next Quantum Symposium will be global

QuantumBasel is pleased that its commitment has enabled this exchange as well as further strengthening the role of Switzerland as a research location. “We will build on the success of this year’s Quantum Symposium and expand our commitment,” announced Damir Bogdan at the media conference. “We are planning a second international Quantum Symposium. We are already in contact with scientists and technology partners from a further seven countries at the cutting edge of quantum technology, and we have the green light to pursue a cooperative effort.”

About QuantumBasel

QuantumBasel, the Center of Competence for Quantum and Artificial Intelligence, has the first commercially usable quantum computer hub in Switzerland. It is operated by uptownBasel Infinity Corp in cooperation with IBM, D-Wave Systems and further national and international technology partners. Its goal is the promotion and further development of quantum technology in Switzerland and internationally through the campus in uptownBasel in Switzerland. QuantumBasel is building a networked ecosystem for this purpose that has achieved recognition at an international level. This offers companies from the industrial production, logistics, pharmaceutical and medtech sectors, as well as start-ups, universities and technical colleges, access to expertise and technologies that they cannot develop on their own.

About uptownBasel

uptownBasel is an international competence centre for Industry 4.0 – networked with the world, anchored in Europe, and rooted in Basel. On the historic Schorenareal site in Arlesheim near Basel, an approximately 70,000 square metre research and production site is being built, where selected companies and their technologies will thrive. The focus is on healthcare, logistics and industrial production as well as the cross-sectional function of digitalization. The subsidiary uptownBasel Infinity operates QuantumBasel, Switzerland’s first commercially usable quantum computer hub, for this purpose. As a platform for networked companies, uptownBasel drives the knowledge transfer across industries and disciplines and promotes the realization of latent ideas – in the areas of robotics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, mobility of the future, or agile working.  In total, the housing of 50 to 100 companies with up to 2500 jobs is planned. The investment volume amounts to over 500 million Swiss francs. uptownBasel is made possible by the private ownership of the family Monique and Thomas Staehelin and implemented by Fankhauser Arealentwicklungen.

Film of the US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium

Recording of the livestream of the press conference