veröffentlicht am 8. Dezember 2022

uptownBasel opens first quantum computer hub for commercial use in Switzerland

Press conference uptownBasel Infinity
Opening of the first quantum computer hub for commercial use in Switzerland

uptownBasel Group

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

uptownBasel site, Schorenweg, 4144 Arlesheim

Today, the uptownBasel Group announced the opening of Switzerland’s first quantum computer hub for commercial use. For this purpose, uptownBasel has founded uptownBasel Infinity Corp. – under the leadership of CEO Damir Bogdan and together with IBM, D-Wave and other national and international partners. uptownBasel Infinity operates “QuantumBasel”, the Center of Competence for Quantum and Artificial Intelligence. Companies from the pharmaceutical, medical technology, industrial production and logistics sectors as well as start-ups, universities and universities of applied sciences will all benefit from this new centre. With this unique service, uptownBasel strengthens its international position as a sustainable development and production site.

Under the “QuantumBasel” brand, companies gain access to expertise and technologies that would be almost impossible for them to develop on their own. In workshops and training sessions, customers are first trained to use these technologies and are then provided with support throughout their projects. To ensure this high level of support, uptownBasel Infinity is currently building a team of around 20 quantum & AI specialists, data analysts, information systems specialists, technology experts and trainers.

Quantum as a service

Access to the technology is guaranteed via a dedicated hyperscaler at uptownBasel in Arlesheim (BL) which also offers a large data storage capacity on the campus. Among other things, QuantumBasel has access to an IBM computer with 433 qubits, and is therefore the first competence centre in Switzerland to offer companies such access to quantum technology.

Foundation for future innovations

Quantum computers now make it possible to perform comprehensive simulations that far exceed the limits of conventional computers. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovative solutions can be created for the future.  “We are convinced that we are creating an accelerator for many research projects with QuantumBasel, thus strengthening Basel as a business location and Switzerland as a whole,” says Damir Bogdan, CEO of uptownBasel Infinity, summing up the objective of the new competence centre.

Joint press release with IBM

To mark the occasion, uptownBasel and IBM are publishing a joint press release announcing the global agreement with IBM New York, which is the first of its kind in Switzerland. The partnership agreement with D-Wave in Canada was also announced today. Further partnerships are being established and will be publicised in the coming months.